I have some old tomatillos that I husked and left in a bowl on the dining table for several weeks. Can I use? They look fine.



anyone October 16, 2010
Salsa sounds great, but how about a good pork chile verde? My favorite for tomatillo's.
nutcakes October 16, 2010
I kept all the firm ones and dumped any spongy ones, only a couple -- wow these are keepers. I also bought another pound and didn't need to use them. So salsa for sure this week. Thank You all for the the good advice.
anyone October 15, 2010
You would definitly know if they were bad. Black and oozing.
innoabrd October 15, 2010
Tomatillos actually store better at room temp than refrigerated, according to some research from UC Davis I read. I think they contain some pectin as well, which helps too.
pikawicca October 14, 2010
If they're not moldy or rotten, they're fine. These guys store well at room temp.
AntoniaJames October 14, 2010
If they look fine, well, that's a good sign. Cut one open and try it! If it smells bad, don't bother tasting it. If it smells okay, taste it. If it tastes okay, use it! And please let us know how it turns out!! ;o)
One M. October 14, 2010
The timing couldn't be any better. I just posted a recipe for Tomatillo Salsa today: http://agablack.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/animal-part-ii-wherein-bunnies-go-to-heaven/
Hope you'll love this one as much as I have. Beside what I wrote on my blog, I also use it for yummy sandwiches. So, so good with avocado and burrata. Enjoy!
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