National S'mores Day?

According to the world wide web today is National S'mores Day. This isn't a pickle but I thought I would spread the word.



lorigoldsby August 11, 2011
We have also resorted to nukking our s'mores....but I like to use the coconut covered ones and a toasted croissant instead of the Graham cracker. Thanks for the poem SKK, is Gregory K a relative?
mrslarkin August 10, 2011
Hooray for s'mores!! When we're missing the campfire, we make ours with saltines, Nutella and a fat marshmallow. Nuke the marshmallow on one saltine and smoosh together with another Nutella'd saltine. Yum!
sdebrango August 10, 2011
Yay s'mores are great!!! love the poem SKK. Thanks Sadassa_Ulna for letting us know.
SKK August 10, 2011
I found this poem to celebrate Natinal S'Mores Day -

Gregory K.

The campfire burns. It’s 9:08.
I feel so good cuz I just ate
Two graham crackers, and chocolate, too,
With marshmallow turned to warm, white goo.
A treat indeed, a dripping mess.
A touch of melty joy -- oh yes!
It’s bedtime soon, but I’m not done.
I simply cannot stop at one.
Because, you see, it takes three s’mores
To make a night of happy s’nores.
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