what can i do with pickled meyer lemons?

a friend and i went on a "pickling spree" one day, and among other things, we pickled a big jar of meyer lemons... now what can i make with them? and how long would they last?

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sarabclever July 29, 2011
They are a great accent to a grain salad to liven things up. Just a few days ago I made a chickpea-tomato-spinach stew (as simple as it sounds) with preserved lemons and it was fantastic. Check out any middle eastern or moroccan cookbook and it will be all over. Also Mark Bittman uses them a lot if you have any of his cookbooks.
healthierkitchen July 29, 2011
this was delicious! http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2011/06/grilled-halibut-with-pea-puree-and-preserved-lemon
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Yes, they're preserved. I was asking what are some specific recipes or general dishes that might call for them...
Helen's A. July 29, 2011
How did you pickle them? Are they like preserved lemons? If so, you could use them in any recipe calling for them. Sounds like a great base for a marinade or sauce for fish or shellfish, maybe chicken, too. I'm intrigued. I have a small meyer lemon in my dining room window. Looks like I'll have 5 lemons this year, new all time high!
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