Over pickling

I just made some pickled thinly sliced radishes (to go along with beet cured salmon if anyone cares). I make extra to keep in the fridge but i find they always tend to over pickle and become mushy if I keep them in the pickling liquid. How do I make sure they keep crunchy in the fridge for a few days or more?



aprilmc August 24, 2015
Cool your pickling brine before you pour it over the radishes and start with radish slices that you soak first for 4 hours to overnight (in fridge) in sea or pickling salt and ice cubes. Drain off the salt water and rinse in cold water before proceeding with your recipe.
Susan W. August 23, 2015
Strain the pickling liquid off? If the flavor is where you want it, no need to keep it in the brine.
CanadaDan August 25, 2015
not sure why i thought i had to keep the radishes in the pickling brine...took them out and they're doing great. thanks!
Susan W. August 25, 2015
Oh good. I pickled a bunch of daikon and carrots for banh Michael burgers and forgot to drain them. Quite mushy the next day.
CA L. August 23, 2015
maybe freeze? :-o (salmon+radishes sounds great... :-)
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