Where do you buy pork belly? I live in Austin TX and can't find a store that carries it. I bought some from a Mexican market once but it was...

...all skin and fat...barely any meat



Leo S. August 27, 2013
Sporty Chef!

I am an Executive Chef at the HEB on Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar Park...at the corner of 1431 and Parmer. We carry Pork Belly every day...and at a great price. Usually something like $1.49 a pound.
Kwan August 16, 2011
Lovely pork belly here in Austin, Tx

sporty_chef August 11, 2011
Pork Belly is the part of the pig where bacon comes from. You should be able to find it at any specialty food store such as whole foods or central market. Austin has both. Just go to the meat section and ask one of the butchers for one. I like to cook mine confit which means to cook it in fat low and slow in the oven for several hours. Afterwards let it cool down completely and rest in the fridge if you want to cut it into individual portions. You can then score the top (fat side) and then sear it in a pan to finish it off and reheat in the oven in a little chicken stock.
a L. August 11, 2011
Familydinners, I live in Philadelphia and have a great local butcher shop... If you have any local butchers- ask them. Chances are they have it, or could get it for you. Pork belly is a very fatty cut of meat: ideally you want a 50/50 ratio of fat to protein. It should also not be a very expensive cut of meat. I have found it at my local Whole Foods at the butcher counter as well.

As far as cooking, I sear it for ten minutes on one side to give it a proper crisp. Typical braised meats require 2-3 minutes tops, so this has an additional searing time. I'm not sure searing after braising would result in a desired "crunch" on the outside, since the meat will have absorbed all the braising liquid from the hours of cooking. To get any type of protein to have a nice crisp exterior, it has to be very dry and you need minimal use of oil/butter- scallops, chicken, pork etc. Thats why the pork needs to be pat dry after brining.

Good luck!
sdunleavy August 11, 2011
How did you cook the pork belly? A friend didn't do the best job cooking it once and it came out too fatty and just mush... waste of a good cut. Id try braising then sear the skin. When you cut down you really should get a crunch on the outside then oooey gooey goodness from the inside.

If it really was the cut then you could go to your local butcher. Ask specifically for pork belly and he can set aside it for you (may cost you). If they don't then you can order online. This site has a seller called "Flying Pigs Farm" which sells pork belly.

Happy Cooking!
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