Not sure if the Magic Pickle can help, but I'll try anyways. Since Blue Hill at Stone Barns is booked 8 weeks out, I'm looking for a LUNCH destination for our 19th anniversary in 4 1/2 weeks. We've been going to X2O and the CIA forever, and we need a change. Any suggestions that you've been to and liked, for the NYC, Westchester, Dutchess areas? Something fancy, yet comfortable?



luvcookbooks October 18, 2010
I like Telepan on 69th St off Columbus, had lunch there last week: a peach cocktail (decadence), roasted cauliflower appetizer (with the green and white whorled cauliflowers that look like the Jetsons grew them), veal entree with lemon noodles and lemon spinach. Dessert: S'more with warm round brownie bottom, toasted marshmallow middle and graham cracker ice cream top. Family friendly, a 15 mo old visited my table multiple times and hid from his mo and grand mo under the tablecloth.
TiggyBee October 15, 2010
The River Cafe in Brooklyn would be great for a romantic celebration!! Some of the best views of Manhattan!!
pierino October 15, 2010
One more NYC suggestion to add; Artisinal on Park Avenue South. If you like cheese, they do have their own cheese cave. I've had many great meals there. Happy affineur anniversary!
mrslarkin October 15, 2010
Thank you all for the suggestions. TiggyBee, we like any cuisine, and would go anywhere in NYC. The Red Hat looks nice! Harvest too. Babbo and Del Posto - two places I'd very much like to try someday.
TiggyBee October 15, 2010
mrslarkin, off the top of my head, there's The Red Hat on River (french) and Harvest on Hudson is lovely and I've heard great things about Crabtree's Kittle House too. As for in the city, I like Pierino's suggestions, I can add a few too if I knew which area you like. Congrats on your Anniversary!!
anyone October 15, 2010

Ah ha! Pierino I had You pegged for a Mario Batali fan but now I now for sure. LOL! I trek to seattle once a year and always stop by salumi. His dad is a great guy! And i'm sure Mario is too.
pierino October 15, 2010
If you are willing to go into NYC I would highly recommend either Babbo or Del Posto (both in the Batali/Bastianich family of restaurants). There are some other fine choices in the city but many of them are really noisy; like all of the Keith McNally
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