How can I make my own hash browns to store in the freezer?

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1 Comment

Sam1148 August 12, 2011
I've tried before. With limited success. Honestly, most probably don't want to hear this here, the Ore-Idea Country Style Hash Browns are perfect. But I'm not above a using a good product---most upscale resturants are not shy in today's Modernist world about using food additives and stabilizers in their 'chemistry set' of kitchen tools taken from industry.

It's kinda interesting to see people like "Top Chef" Richard Balis selling french fries in his "Flip Burger" resturants that are designed to mimic the preparation of basic 'frozen fries'.
He brines and parboils them..and then flash freezes them in liquid nitrogen for storing
and serves them with higher quality sauces and presentation. But the basic tech is straight out of mass production.
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