Need/want a good heavy duty affordable roasting pan. Would like to be able to use it stove-top as well. Not non-stick. What size is practical.

  • Posted by: allie
  • October 15, 2010


aargersi October 15, 2010
Yes, viola. Small purple flowers. Very pretty and also edible. Smarty pants :-)
allie October 15, 2010
Thanks for the space tips. In terms of material, are these stainless or "hard anodized"?
thirschfeld October 15, 2010
and not just side to side. Make sure you can put it in and it doesn't take up every bit of space keeping you from being able to bake other things at the same time above or below it.
pierino October 15, 2010
Viola? Yeah, I have a number of roasting pans and the Calphalon one is heavy guage and will stand up to oven and gas burners, which is a feature you really want. But please make sure first, that it fits in your oven.
AntoniaJames October 15, 2010
I have the same one (I think) as aargersi and love it. Big, strong handles, great size, plus in my tiny kitchen where cabinet "real estate" is at a premium, my other smaller but heavy rectangular baking pans/casseroles nest in it perfectly, on an old tea towel. Here is an important hint though, when shopping. Measure the inside of your oven from back to front door. Make sure that the roasting pan plus handles fit lengthwise so the door shuts completely. On occasion, you really need to be able to rotate a pan like that 90 degrees from the usual position. I have a cookie sheet with edges built out on the short ends that prevent my oven door from shutting. Not good. ;o)
aargersi October 15, 2010
I have a big giant calphalon turkey pan - they go on sale on Amazon now and again. I love it because the rack comes out and viola - giant lasagna pan for big 15 pound lasagnas. Cleans up easily too.
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