I doubled the recipe and am using ripe local heirlooms.....my sauce is very watery. It's been simmering for about 45 minutes. Keep simmering to th...

...icken it up? uncovered?

BTW---what does it mean when it says---" the fat floats free from the tomato"? Thanks for any input---my kitchen smells delish! :



ChefJune August 15, 2011
oops! definitely uncovered.

And I don't know about that "fat floating free" part. Mine didn't. It just incorporated itself into the sauce.
ChefJune August 15, 2011
Yes, keep simmering. There's no way to accurately state in a recipe like this how long to simmer. You just keep going until the sauce attains the thickness you desire. Some tomatoes are definitely more watery than others.

It's SO worth the effort. The sauce is DEEE-vine.
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