I have about 20 lbs of ripe Roma tomatoes on my counter, and I'm thinking of making Marcella's tomato sauce in bulk, and canning it for winter....

... Is this feasible, or is there some reason I shouldn't do this?



peartart August 25, 2011
@boulangere and wssmom, Don't envy me, hie thee to a really good greengrocer who sells in bulk quantities. My kitchen was like a sauna this afternoon, but I now have a shelf full of gorgeous tomato sauce just waiting for winter.

@Droplet. Thanks for your response. I did think twice, and came to the conclusion that it made more sense to make plain tomato sauce that can be dressed up with whatever strikes my fancy when I use it.
Droplet August 25, 2011
I, personally would think twice about it. It is a really great sauce, but I am not sure how stable it would be for canning because of the large amount of butter it contains. Maybe try it with a smaller amount of clarified butter instead since it is more stable and the milk solids are precipitated, or cook the tomatoes about half way with about half the amount of onion called for (in terms of proportion of tomato to onion in the original recipe), and then finish it with some more onion and the butter before using it later on.
Leslie V. July 4, 2019
Sounds very reasonable. I wonder if peartart did indeed can it. If so followed your advice. How long in the canner. pressure i assume if the Tom were low acid. i am high altitude so higher pressure and longer times are needed. My freezer space is limited altho I have several. I know this was posted 2011...so just hoping either of you are around to reply. thanks.
wssmom August 25, 2011
What a windfall!! Lucky you!!! :)
boulangere August 25, 2011
Can't think of a single one. And I'm a little bit insanely jealous.
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