Radish sprouts. I have a bumper crop of French Breakfast Radishes going, which I only started a week ago. I was thinning them yesterday and suddenly thought I shouldn't be tossing them away. Any salad ideas?

  • Posted by: pierino
  • October 16, 2010


innoabrd October 16, 2010
Be sure to let some of your radishes go to seed. The green seed pods are terrific for salads.
TiggyBee October 16, 2010
I love radish sprouts. I'll put them on avacado with some lemon juice and salt and pepper and I also add them as a topper on potato salad. I find they are pretty versatile.
Kitchen B. October 16, 2010
Something with toasted/chopped hazelnuts, crunchy apple chunks and some sort of mild cheese would be good. I'm having incomplete 'waldorf' flashes...
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