sprouted wheat flour

I'd like to make these http://food52.com/recipes... but don't have any sprouted whole wheat flour and have never used it. I assume I can substitute regular whole wheat flour, but should I amend the recipe in any way, perhaps letting the dough rest?



lapadia September 28, 2015
FYI link for sprouted wheat flour:
ktr September 18, 2015
You can make your own if you have a grinder. Soak wheat berries in water for 6-12 hrs. Drain the water off. Then, twice a day, rinse the berries with water. Leave the wheat berries on the counter between rinses. By around day 3 you should see little sprouts forming. When they sprout, dry them in the oven or a dehydrator. Then grind them up in a grain grinder or coffee grinder.
Otherwise, you can buy sprouted wheat flour online.
The point of sprouting flour is to make it easier to digest so you should have no problems substituting regular whole wheat flour for it.
Shuna L. September 17, 2015
I think any sort of flour you have will be fine for this recipe. I have never even seen sprouted whet flour! It sounds a bit esoteric to me...
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