What do I do with a ton of watermelon radishes?

I thought I was buying really delicate and beautiful pink turnips (!!?!?) and bought enough watermelon radishes to feed an army. I love them, but just *one* sliced for salads/ breakfasts lasts me a long time. Ideas?

Valerie Stivers


pierino September 23, 2013
I love watermelon radishes too. This is my own recipe http://food52.com/recipes/20338-lucky-pickle-leek-and-watermelon-radish
An old chef friend of mine opened her own restaurant and one of her minimalist plates for breakast was toasted whole grain bread smeared with avocado and topped with thinly sliced radish. I think watermelon radish could work wonderfully with that.
I'm going to planting my own quite soon.
Panfusine September 23, 2013
Grate them into whole wheat flour, make a dough for Radish Paratha
Valerie S. September 23, 2013
wow! that's just the kind of strange challenge I like.
Pegeen September 22, 2013
You could pickle them, by themselves or with other vegetables.
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