I was wondering if these questions were answered by a human or a computer?


SKK August 18, 2011
Amysarah, you let our secret out - TOTAL cooking world domination! Yes!
amysarah August 18, 2011
Clearly, they're answered by robots, who will stop at nothing short of total cooking world domination.

nutcakes August 18, 2011
The questions are answered by the members and editors of food52.com, who happen to be online when you ask.
wssmom August 18, 2011
Have always loved your wheels, Syronai! :)
beyondcelery August 18, 2011
I happen to be a robot with spatula and skewer hands, a spoon for a nose, a whirring cookbook between my speaker ears, and sexy little robot wheels.
pierino August 18, 2011
Sorry, but I happen to be an Ipad.
ChefJune August 18, 2011
not by A human... by many humans. ;)
boulangere August 18, 2011
But were they asked by a computer or a human ;o) ?
Sam1148 August 17, 2011
> you are in a twisty cavern with all passages looking exactly alike.
>There is no light
>Light match
>You have no matches, you're likely to be eaten by a grue.
SKK August 17, 2011
I am human too and I answer questions and when I ask questions they get answered by humans, some of whom I have gotten to know, and all have allowed me to learn a lot.

Now I know the picture I am using is Tom the Buddha Cat, and he thinks he is human but can't use a computer. I am also a better cook.
nka2 August 17, 2011
By a human... like me!
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