For upcoming contests, I nominate:

1. your best celery
2. your best oregano

I have a perfect recipe for each that I'm chomping at the bit to share. Anyone else?



Tony S. August 30, 2011
How about cucumbers?
pierino August 29, 2011
But don't forget what happened to The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith.
Panfusine August 29, 2011
A frugal gourmet theme.. (I've been running kitchen from absolute scratch for the past 2 weeks, ZERO food material to start with, just 2 gas burners, a fridge & running water....I'm amazed as to how it is absolutely possible to feed a family of 4 (including picky kids) with ingredients that fit into a medium sized container!, just basic ingredients ...
skittle August 28, 2011
What about low fat? I think that'd be quite the challenge.
Or on a different about cooking for 1 or 2? I live by myself and all recipes seem to be for 4 people. I don't like eating the same thing for 4 days and run out of freezer space!
SKK August 26, 2011
Sam1148 asked the following question: For East Coaster: What's your best no power food and plan? This would be a brilliant upcoming contest.
MTMitchell August 25, 2011
Fall is about "your best first fall day" recipe? So many possibilities, so many different cooking methods...
Panfusine August 25, 2011
second AntoniaJames Qn... what next?
lorigoldsby August 24, 2011
I hope they are starting book 3! Since I missed book one and most of book 2,...I have some catching up to do!
sdebrango August 24, 2011
Would love to know what's next!!
AntoniaJames August 24, 2011
This is week 52 of the second book. Does anyone know what's happening next? :o)
totalnoms August 24, 2011
That's exactly what I was thinking- I'm usually struggling when I get out of work at 630 to think of an easy, delicious recipe that doesn't require 28934 ingredients I dont have and that won't take approx 3 days to make- and if we had a whole contest devoted to that... yum i'd be set for months!
Niknud August 24, 2011
I'm with totalnoms - best weeknight dinner! I'm always looking for ways to mix up the routine and I'm inevitably always pressed for time by the end of the day. It would be great to see what a fantastic community like this could come up with. Probably more than frozen pizza or omelets I'm guessing....not that there is anything wrong with frozen pizza or omelets for dinner!
totalnoms August 24, 2011
How about your best 15/30/60 minute meal? Has that been done yet?
hardlikearmour August 23, 2011
@ lorigoldsby. I definitely love coconut, and am a bit cuckoo to boot. I'm pretty sure I only have 2 recipes that incorporate avocado, but would definitely love to add to that!
lorigoldsby August 23, 2011
HLA--cuckoo for coconut...or maybe just cuckoo? No need to actually run the avocado contest--we'll just concede and let your vast repoirtore of avocado shakes, creams and dishes be the entire EP list! ;)
cookinginvictoria August 21, 2011
Love the idea of a celery theme -- I am growing lots of it in my garden, so I would have lots of it to experiment with.

It would also be great to have a vegan theme.

Has there been a fennel contest yet? :)

Voted the Best Reply!

hardlikearmour August 20, 2011
I would love a coconut or coconut milk contest. Any herb or spice would be great, too. Avocado would be awesome.
lovesitc August 20, 2011
Forgot to add, but I love the idea of best vegan recipe too!
lovesitc August 20, 2011
I agree about Best Celery ........given our economy and the fact that celery is always cheap .. .... bring it on Food52!!!!!
checker August 20, 2011
Along the lines of the oregano theme, perhaps Your Best Solo Herb, or something - meaning only one herb to add flavor to the dish. And I am totally game for game, aargersi. Thank you for pushing my theme idea too!
inpatskitchen August 20, 2011
Coon is very popular in Detroit..we use to sell hundreds for Thanksgiving, Xmas and The New Year...surrounded with sweet potatoes it tastes sort of like sweet beef...gotta get all the fat off first though...
SKK August 19, 2011
Pierino, I like the tail meat the best too. Had it when I lived in Lousiana. We were way back in the Bayou Teche or some tributary and stopped in at a local store. The kids went to school by boat, everything was done by boat, and they had alligator and possum on the menu. I must say that the alligator was superior to the possum. Possum only took once for me, I have no desire for it now.
pierino August 19, 2011
Alligator, love it SKK, and no, it doesn't taste like chicken. It tastes like alligator, but maybe closer to a fishy tasting pork. I like the tail meat the best.
boulangere August 19, 2011
Love the capybara idea. In Montana we have a surfeit of rabbits, though I also have 2 as pets . . . . .
SKK August 19, 2011
InPat'sKitchen and I had a long conversation about alligator - could we include that in the game contest?
SKK August 19, 2011
@aargersi - when I lived in Morgan City, La people would go into the bayous and trap them for furs and eat them. Just can't bring myself to eat a huge rodent!
drbabs August 19, 2011
@aargersi, I thought of nutria when I read this, too!
aargersi August 19, 2011
That's hilarious - when I read capybara my brain was thinking chupacabra.

I know - NUTRIA! They are destroying the bayous and levees in New Orleans and we need to get rid of them - why not cook them???
pierino August 19, 2011
Capybara is a 100 pound S. American rodent. Apparently there's at least one roaming around here. This is the only way that Paso Robles makes national front pages, not to mention Twitter. Now if there was a Chupacabra, that would be serious news.
ChefJune August 18, 2011
What the heck is a "capybara?"
pierino August 18, 2011
How about capybara? We seem to have one or more running around here in Paso.
ChefJune August 18, 2011
game would be FABulous. One of my favorite categories! Walnuts are another fave... Pecans, Hazelnuts... the possibilities are ENDless.
aargersi August 18, 2011
GAME! I forgot to say game! Game birds, antlered or tusked things that some kind soul shot and cleaned and shared ....
Helen's A. August 18, 2011
I would love to do walnuts....
susan G. August 18, 2011
There have been some spectacular recipes posted using thyme in mind-expanding ways, so how about "thyme" or "using herbs in unconventional ways"?
(for example, -- I keep the syrup on hand, always find it refreshing, and resist any change!)
beyondcelery August 18, 2011
Has there been a vegan contest already? I second the vote for blueberries and raise you blackberries.
ChefJune August 18, 2011
Hasn't there been a chili challenge?
pierino August 18, 2011
I'm very cool with celery actually. It's a very Roman ingredient, so it's one I like to play with.
aargersi August 18, 2011
Best Recipe Inspired By A Song! (Checker thought that up not me)
Chili Cookoff
Bananas? I just said that because I am eating a banana right now
mrslarkin August 18, 2011
Post them anyway, Anitalectric! You can always submit them later on if there's a good theme match!

We had a basil theme last year, so why not oregano?

I'd like to see another zucchini theme.
ChefJune August 18, 2011
Oregano? Come on1 it's a flavor enhancer, not a main ingredient!

I've been thinking blueberries. They're everywhere now.

or "outré grains" like farro, millet, quinoa, amaranth, etc. any alone or all together in a bunch.
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