bread question

I make a loaf of challah once every couple of weeks and have been making the same recipe for years. I've always had great results--a beautiful golden loaf. This week when I made it it came out pale with a floury pasty texture. What would cause this--my 2 guesses are old yeast, but the dough rose normally, or my oven temperature wasn't really the temperature it said. Any opinions from more experienced bread makers?

  • Posted by: erinbdm
  • August 20, 2011


erinbdm August 21, 2011
Thanks boulangere! Maybe that's it. I live in Mexico and it's very hot this time of year. I only let it rise an hour--I usually let it go 1 1/2 to 2, but I felt that it had risen enough after an hour. Maybe even the hour was too much.
boulangere August 20, 2011
How long did you proof it? It sounds like it was overproofed, either in the first proofing or the second, but probably the first. If dough proofs in too warm an environment or for too long (climbing out of the bowl, reaching for the cat), the yeast overconsumes it's food sources: the simple sugars and the flour. Once the brownable elements are gone, bread won't brown because it quite literally can't. I hope this helps you do some troubleshooting.
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