Spiral Slicer

I bought a spiral slicer. I am finding lots of "raw recipes" . Does anyone have more ideas?? I have used it to make long curly sweet potato fries.... more ideas are welcome.



CookedGoose August 29, 2014
Also curious to know if anyone is doing anything with fruit and a spiralizer?
CookedGoose August 29, 2014
Anyone using the smaller spiralizers (like the Zoodler) with success? I'm enjoying the Paderno Spiralizer, but it's not small or particularly easy to clean.
RecipeAddict August 25, 2011
thanks! have tried most of above. Will try the olive oil and garlic... and cilantro.. hmmm cilantro! :-)
SKK August 24, 2011
Carrots, parsnips, http://www.food52.com/recipes/9769_carrot_and_parsnip_fettuccine by Mrs. Larkin.
Can use a grater also, but I loved using my spiral slicer even though the strips weren't as long.
Sam1148 August 23, 2011
I did not care for the raw zucchini, in the threads with tomato sauce. That's my tastes tho.
But when I just slightly cooked the zucchini, a bit of olive oil, spices..a touch of garlic.
It really came together for me.

I had the same problem googling for spiral slicer uses..as most of them are used for raw foods. Which is great and fine for some--and garnishing etc.

Tho, I could imagine a nice carrot salad in threads, with a blue cheese dressing and celery slices (humm...I might try that one this weekend).
IlovePhilly August 23, 2011
I second zucchini! Put some fresh, garden tomato raw sauce on it and you'll swear you're eating a big ol' plate of pasta!
Sam1148 August 23, 2011
I have one.
I do like zucchini spiral sliced in threads. But, not raw. just slightly sauteed.
For side dishes for sushi or shashimi, reddish threads and carrot threads. With the daikon radishes as a raw garnish.
Even for 'American' radishes it still works well as a garnish.
Using the small toothed blade, one potato will make a couple of nice fried pancakes, dust with a little cornstarch and pile up. It's like a very quick hash brown breakfast dish. I treat those like hashbrowns (IE: Ketchup). The small threads cook very quickly and are very crispy.

I most always use the toothed blade to make threads instead of the spiral cut option.
But have made fried 'chips' with the spiral option. But I prefer my cheap mandolin for those slices...the spiral slicer really does well for 'threads' or veggies.

inpatskitchen August 23, 2011
Not So Tornado Potatoes
inpatskitchen August 23, 2011
Oh try this...I'll post my Not So Tornado Fries Next

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