what's the best way to store ginger (the real stuff)? frige or counter??



garlic&lemon August 25, 2011
I peel it, slice it in 1/2 inch chunks, put it in a jar with dry sherry or brandy to cover and keep it in the fridge. As I use the ginger, I just add more. The sherry or brandy are great in stir fries or sauces. You can keep this going indefinitely. I have found that the ginger looses a little of its bite after about a month so if you do not use it that often, just start with a smaller jar. I really like the freezer/grater ideas. Will definitely try those, too.
WannabeBaker August 25, 2011
I peel my ginger root, cut it into thumb-sized pieces, wrap it well and then put it in air-lock back and freeze it. Should keep for several months that way.
Panfusine August 25, 2011
vegetable drawer, wrapped in newspaper & then in a plastic baggie..
susan G. August 24, 2011
I once followed a recommendation to keep ginger in sherry -- peel first, slice (or not), put in a jar with enough sherry to cover. That should keep it stable for a long time, but I didn't do it again!
I store it in the vegetable crisper like wssmom, it seems to last a long time.
Helen's A. August 24, 2011
Freezer for me, too. I'll either use one of my MicroPlane grateres, or I'll thaw a small piece & cut as needed for the recipe.
Melusine August 24, 2011
Freezer door, wrapped well in plastic. Since I always use it grated, the texture change doesn't matter.
drbabs August 24, 2011
I store it in the freezer.
wssmom August 24, 2011
Since where I live gets rather humid, I store ginger in the crisper of the refrigerator ...
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