Roasting corn?

I'm making a corn salad, but I don't feel like turning on the BBQ, and I want a sweeter, smokier flavor than boiling would give. Can I roast the corn? What temperature? How long? I'd broil, but my broiler is broken.



Sam1148 August 24, 2011
A couple of drops of liquid smoke in the oil would give it the smokey flavor.
Instead of salt and pepper, I use Lowery's Seasoning salt. (if you don't have that...mix a little paprika, a touch of garlic and onion powder to the salt).

Personally, for a corn salad..'roasted' you can run the danger of drying it out with direct heat without using a high heat like a grill or broiler. I'd play it safe and wrap in foil, or the corn husked (after you've peel them back like a banana, and remove the silk). Then rewrap, season and secure with either some of the husk tied around them or twine. And cook about 10 mins at 350.
(IMHO I just use foil with the husks around them now; works just as well for oven corn).

Now, to finish...This could be tricky since you said you don't have broiler, use the lower element on high with the lower grate close to the element. And tongs and mitts to turn and don't leave it alone very long. Use LONG tongs...and be careful about burning your arm.
boulangere August 24, 2011
Absolutely! Olive oil, some s&p, 350 degrees, and you're there.
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