Grilling corn?

I really want to make this corn salad but I've never grilled corn before. It seems kind of messy/ one consuming. Any suggestions? Is it worth is or will sauteeing do?



Gabriella July 13, 2014
Thanks so much! Will definitely give it a go next weekend using your tips!
Matt H. July 13, 2014
I agree with everything said above by PazzoNico. Just one comment -- I think that including the husk adds an extra flavor to the corn that is reminiscent of using a banana leaf for roasting, grilling, etc. However, this flavor may become too subtle to notice if you are going to incorporate the corn into a salad.
PazzoNico July 13, 2014
So true. Actually, last week I made a roasted corn bisque at the restaurant. On a whim, after taking the corn out of the oven, I decided to try making a quick "broth" with the charred husks (that toasty smell of them just made me not want to waste all that flavor). The broth definitely had a pronounced "charred" flavor and I used it as part of my liquid for the soup. Something I'll definitely have to revisit in the future.
boulangere July 13, 2014
Once I've stripped the kernels, I like to put the cobs back on the grill (I use charcoal), close it, then damp it way down both top and bottom and smoke the cobs for a few minutes. The flavor they add to stock, along with the husks, is quite wonderful.
PazzoNico July 13, 2014
By the way, you can also use the soaking method to roast the corn in the husk. Roasting adds a good amount of flavor, too, and it's less "babysitting" by the grill.
PazzoNico July 13, 2014
You can shuck it, oil it well and put it straight on the grill, turning occasionally to avoid burning. Or, soak them (in the husk) in water overnight or a couple hours and then grill them (husk-on). Soaking just helps keep the husk from burning too quickly and making a mess. Either way, it does add that smoky, charred grill flavor that you can't mimic with sauteing.
For a salad, I might opt for the shucked method. This way you get some grill marks on the corn itself which will add to the flavor of the salad. Keeping it in the husk is more of a "steam".
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