I am looking for a store in Manhattan (preferrably downtown near Chelsea) that sells Dried Fermented Black Beans. Any suggestions?

I am interested in making Garlic Chives with Pork and the recipe calls for dried fermented black beans.



bjones70 May 17, 2013
Appreciate the suggestion - thanks!
AntoniaJames May 17, 2013
I only use the dried ones in the plastic bag; rinse them off a bit with cold water, if they seem a bit strong. With all due respect, I find the stuff in the jars to be quite unpleasant. Look at the ingredients. Those jars are full of flavoring agents in addition to the black beans. I find that they give the sauce an odd aftertaste. The black beans in bags cost under a dollar at the Chinese grocery where I shop. Give them a try! Don't use a whole lot of them, and combine them with other bold ingredients like fresh garlic, shallots or scallions, soy sauce and rice wine. You may find that you like them! And if you don't, you're not out much. ;o)
bjones70 May 15, 2013
TLD -- thanks so much for your wonderful suggestions!
susan G. May 14, 2013
Any Asian grocery should have them -- and they last indefinitely.
Monita May 14, 2013
Glad it worked out
bjones70 May 14, 2013
just called sunrise and told they carry the beans. thanks so much for your suggestion - appreciate it!
Monita May 14, 2013
Not Chelsea but you could try Sunrise Mart 494 Broome St
(212) 219-0033
bjones70 May 14, 2013
Thanks for the suggestion. I called Manhattan Fruit Exchange earlier today and was told they do not carry dried fermented black beans. I also tried the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's near me in Chelsea and they also claim not carry the product. The Whole Foods in Chelsea told me that they used to carry it.
Monita May 14, 2013
You might call Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market to see if they carry it. ((212) 989-2444). You never know...
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