A question about a recipe: Corn Salad with Cilantro & Caramelized Onions

Okay, now you have me curious. What is Sandra's variation?!

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1 Comment

Ms. T. August 25, 2011
Ha ha :) Well, Sandra grills the corn, then takes it off the cob for the salad. So it has a lovely smoky flavor. But when I tried it at home, I found it hard to get a nice char without the kernels getting dried out and shriveled. So I forgo the smokiness in favor of a juicy crunch. She also crisps her pancetta in the oven, and therefore none of the bacon fat goes into the dressing--which I'm sure is much healthier :) Finally, I put a LOT more cilantro in mine. Grilled, smoky corn and bacony flavor is the star of Sandra's version, and in mine the cilantro and delicate sweetness of corn takes center stage. She has been off the grid travelling during this contest, but has checked email sporadically, and is excited about our win. I'm looking forward to her return so I can share the glory with her, and our friend Chris, since I consider it a group effort. We'll have to have a drink made with corn-based alchohol (bourbon, perhaps?) to celebrate :)
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