Does anyone have a suggestion, please? My 15-yr. old son is having a a large Halloween pary. Because it's a school night this year, the party will take place over the dinner hour. Besides chili, what would be an easy and inexpensive dinner? Thanks for any ideas.

  • Posted by: ellenl
  • October 19, 2010


askann October 20, 2010
Enchiladas or lasagna?
luvcookbooks October 20, 2010
The fall cocktail in the Halloween contest with Maker's Mark, apple cider and mmaple syrup. Made it this weekend for a wedding shower. Want to try the ghoulish cocktail with Midori also but haven't yet. For the kids: one huge pot of chili and one baked casserole because there will be a kid who hates chili. Also consider Sloppy Joes, a super easy recipe in the old Betty Crocker Kids' Book. You could call them Bloody Joes if thats not too scary, put ketchup squirts on the paper plates as a trail of blood... please do the candy corn sculptures Candy Corn; Henge as a party game.
ellenl October 19, 2010
Another fabulous idea--and one I will surely need!
healthierkitchen October 19, 2010
Wow - big party!! I've only got a third of that number and all girls so it's easy, but I'm more excited about the adult drink and snack ideas. gingerrroot's Trick-or-treat-tini and Oui,chef's great pumpkin truffles!
ellenl October 19, 2010
Great idea!!!
drbabs October 19, 2010
Lots of alcohol! (for the adult cadre!)
ellenl October 19, 2010
What a great idea! Do you have some ideas for gross toppings-- e.g. blood--what else? I'm somewhat panicked about all these kids (I will have an adult cadre in place).
tessa022707 October 19, 2010
What about a mashed potato bar. Easy to serve in paper coffee cups and plenty warm for a cool Halloween night. All sorts of toppings that could have "ghoulish" names...Call it a brain bar or a goo bar...15 year olds love that gross stuff...
ellenl October 19, 2010
Thanks everyone!
pierino October 19, 2010
I'll go along with any answer that involves mac and cheese.
mrslarkin October 19, 2010
whoa, that is a HUGE party! Definitely go with the pasta. :)
foodfighter October 19, 2010
I think a sandwich bar is a good idea. You could do an pulled pork. Assuming you have time to let it braise before the party.
ellenl October 19, 2010
Thanks mrslarkin--a great idea and they's love this also--but there may be close to 50 kids and I want to minimize wear and tear on the chef!
ellenl October 19, 2010
healthierkitchen, thans so much. This is totally perfect!!!
mrslarkin October 19, 2010
A taco bar. Saute the meat, heat the shells, chop the fillings. Set out a buffet of all the different fixings so the kids can make it themselves. My kids and their friends love this meal.

And I love the pasta ideas, too.
healthierkitchen October 19, 2010
ellenl - this one might be too obvious, but I used to make something like this when my kids were younger and if you use the cheddar, it'd have the nice orange color on top. Make a couple of big pans of this (keep one in oven while other is served), etc.
ellenl October 19, 2010
Thanks so much for the suggestions!
healthierkitchen October 19, 2010
What about a butternut squash spiked mac and cheese with a salad? Or a lasagna with pumpkin or butternut squash? I always tend toward a casserole/pasta type thing as those kids can eat! Maybe some mini meatballs that you can bake rather than have to stand and fry?
Christina W. October 19, 2010
Make Magazine put out a Halloween issue in 2007. It was filled with crazy cool ideas for Halloween parties; some simple and some mindblowing and complicated. Regardless, it is very inspirational for food and decor ideas.

Here's the link to the online version of the issue:
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