Salad to that pairs well with chili

Attending dinner party with vegetarian chili as the entree. Hostess requested I bring a salad. What salad pairs well with chili? Thanks!

  • Posted by: SKK
  • March 21, 2016


BerryBaby April 8, 2016
This is a Southwest Salad that I created that pairs really well with Chili or is great on its own.
Maedl March 23, 2016
I might try an avocado-tomato salad with lime as the acidic element. If you could find fresh corn, that would probably go well along with the avocado and tomatoes.
Bevi March 22, 2016
QueenSashy March 23, 2016
Bevi, totally agree, that is one fantastic salad. I have not made it in a long time, thanks for the reminder :)
Megan March 23, 2016
my favorite thing about the Hotline is discovering hidden gem recipes I wouldn't have seen otherwise. This looks great and I can't wait to try it!
QueenSashy March 22, 2016
I like to pair chili with any kind of slaw (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, or fennel) because it has a lot of bite to it and enough acidity to stand to the robustness of the chili. If you really want to play up the Mexican flavors, you can make a straw out of carrot, green mango, jicama and red peppers.

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scruz March 22, 2016
i got a recipe years ago from sunset that i usually serve with mexican food. it is sliced citrus/oranges with a cumin vinegrette. it is cooling for hot dishes and the citrus is just a really nice balance for everything from chile verde to chicken to fish dishes.
Stephanie G. March 21, 2016
I love a Caesar type salad with chili.
Megan March 21, 2016
This is good too!
HalfPint March 21, 2016
What pops into my head immediately was a jicama and carrot slaw in a zesty vinaigrette, like this one:
Alexandra V. March 21, 2016
Maybe its the thug in me.....but growing up we had romaine salad, shredded carrots, radishes, and good old ranch dressing. The ranch acted as a way to calm heat and balance acidity. 90's nostalgia at its finest!
Susan W. March 21, 2016
I like this with Mexican food, but I think it would be delicious with chili.
Ali S. March 21, 2016
Something that doesn't get lost next to a bold chili—kale salad? Cornbread croutons could be a fun way to bring it back to the chili.
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