What are some good apertifs that complement chili?

I am hosting a dinner party for a few friends and cooking chili since it has been cold. I would like to know what are some good apertifs for chili and if there are any other food/wine recommendations to make this a great experience for my guests.



Nancy January 21, 2020
If serving the chili as an appetizer, I might go with spirits like tequila or rum, dressed up with lime or orange.
If as a main dish, I'd go with beer (preferably lager) or wine. For wine, a medium fruity red, a rose or (even) a sparkling white.
Nancy January 21, 2020
On the food for this dinner.
Cooked corn, cornbread, tortillas or potatoes as side.
Make the chili vegetarian.
Then include ground beef or chicken wedges in a buffet of garnishes (sour cream, cheddar, adobo or other chilis, green onions, avocado wedges, etc) so people can customize their plates.
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