Dulce Chocolate in These Coffee Rice Crispie Bars?

I'd like this 52 recipe but I dislike the cornsyrupy-too-sweet butterscotch chips on the market. I was thinking of making the Dulce chocolate that A&M demo'd a while back, chopping it and using it instead.
I can't remember what they called it, but it's what is created when you bake white chocolate on VERY low heat, and swirl it and it turns brown and gets caramely flavored. I've never made it before; might you advise whether it would work in this recipe? thx much.

LeBec Fin
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1 Comment

702551 February 29, 2016
Well the recipe author seems to think it would work, so I just say "go for it."

After all, who knows the recipe better than the author? Probably not one of us.
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