Leftover tomato seeds/inerds

I hate wasting anything. Can you do anything useful with the seeds you scoop out of tomatoes? :)

Something's cooking


susan G. August 29, 2011
Recently I have been reading that what gets scooped out of tomatoes really has the best, most tomato-ey taste. If you have to take it out, use it!
Summer O. August 29, 2011
I save them in the freezer along with carrot scrapings, onion butts, mushroom stems, limp celery, etc. and make vegetable stock when I have accumulated enough scraps.
Helen's A. August 29, 2011
You can add to soups, stews, etc. Either strain before or after...
Kristen M. August 29, 2011
One idea would be to strain them and drink the delicious "tomato water" that's left -- as is or in a Bloody Mary.
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