What grain has the highest amount of protein

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Anitalectric September 1, 2011
Teff flour, which is used to make injera (Ethiopian crepes). It is the world's smallest grain, and therefore has, by volume, the most amount of husk, bran and germ--which is where all the protein is.

The most effective way to get plant based protein is from a diverse selection of grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. It's less important which have "the most" when you're getting a smaller dose from many different sources.
plevee August 31, 2011
Oats - 16.9%
boulangere August 30, 2011
Montana likes to tout itself as the world's largest supplier of Kamut (Farro). A great grain. The protein content of any grain alone may not be as significant as the combinations with which it is served.
susan G. August 30, 2011
Kamut 14.7 g
found the US nutritional database -- other searches gave secondary sources, most not helpful!
Interesting thing here is to compare the wheat family, and farro is certainly the protein star!
@SKK -- thanks!
SKK August 29, 2011
@susan g - love your answer! Where does kamut fit in?
susan G. August 29, 2011
Per 100 gm: spelt, 14.57g, amaranth 14.45, quinoa 13 g, winter wheat 12.61, millet 11.02, brown rice 7.94. I had a hard time finding comparable information about farro, and sources confuse it with spelt, although they are both triticums (wheat). One source says farro is 22% protein, another says double the protein of common wheat -- so for 100 g there would be about 22 g protein.
Protein isn't the only important component of a food, and many quality foods should be in your diet. Each has important factors to contribute (see SKK above).
Strictly speaking, amaranth and quinoa are not grains! They are both tasty foods with complete protein. Quinoa also has significant amounts of calcium and iron. Amaranth may also -- they are related.
I believe that if we eat a variety of healthy foods from the broad types that are available, in moderation, we get what we need.
SKK August 29, 2011
Amaranth has the highest protein - between 12-17%. Hulled hemp seed is referred to as one of nature's most perfect food because it is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids and an excellent source of protein- containing all of the essential amino acids.

moka August 29, 2011
I'm pretty sure it's farro. What a delicious grain!
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