Grab and go breakfast baking ideas

My daughter at college wants me to make her some portable but hearty breakfast treats. I'm looking for baked items that ship well but also have a nutritional punch—high in protein, whole grains, and good fats to get her through some long days. Ideas?



Windischgirl October 30, 2017
I made GF muffins, which were pumpkin purée and almond meal (tasty but needed more spice and sweetening); breakfast cookies from King Arthur's website (pretty good—I added raisins, walnuts, and puffed brown rice); coconut-fruit-Nut bars also from King Arthur’s site (my absolute favorite ); and oat PB bars from Whole Foods' site (unfortunately leaden and bland). As to Holiday Baking ....have to survive hosting Thanksgiving first! Will keep you posted on my holiday baking plans :-)
Nancy October 30, 2017
What do you think of paper pans for baking and (less costly) mailing?
Just got a promo email from King Arthur Flour....these are mostly like the panettone wrappers we see on cakes from Italy.
Good for in-person or mailed gifts.
[I have no commercial interest in this.]
Windischgirl October 30, 2017
I picked up the complete inventory of paper mini loaf pans in January from my supermarket--can't beat 75%off! I love them for gifts and shipping. Mine are more like a light decorative corrugated cardboard.
Nancy October 30, 2017
So, you're way ahead of me.
Did you (already) make & send goodies?
Which ones and how were they received?
Windischgirl October 8, 2017
Hi Nancy,
I think she'd love the quiches, but I had the same question about shipping. I'm more concerned about a custard sitting around at room temperature for 3 days while USPS transports from Philly to Boston. Even if I send it frozen, it'll thaw out the first day.

However, when she's home on break, I can send her back with a batch! She'd love the idea.

Some of the Johnnycake recipes sound good, especially the polenta with seeds. Thanks for the link; it's also interesting reading.
BerryBaby October 8, 2017
My Harvest Muffin recipe is great! Apples, carrots, zucchini and nuts with fall spices. They freeze beautifully too. BB
Windischgirl October 8, 2017
Thanks, BB! I may make a batch for my own breakfasts (change it up from my usual homemade granola...)
Nancy October 8, 2017
Not specifically breakfast bars, but yes designed for energy on the go.
Journey cakes or johnny cakes.
Used to make many varieties from "Simple Foods for the Pack" (1976 cookbook designed for backpackers who cooked) and they were terrific. Based on a variety of foods using flour, cornmeal, potatoes as a bulk base and sometimes adding vegetables or meat (or not adding, but eating the veg & meat with the johnny cake). They can be frozen & shipped.
Now a second edition is out. This article has some background & recipes.
Nancy October 8, 2017
Another idea - individual quiches (small pie pans or muffin size) or hand pies, with fillings to your daughter's taste.
BerryBaby October 8, 2017
Nancy, these all sound wonderful but how would one ship quiche?
Nancy October 8, 2017
The small quiches (roughly 2 to 4" diameter) can be frozen, wrapped in foil or plastic film, packed with crustless tops facing each other and some cushioning material in a box.
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