may I substitute almond flour for unbleached flour in the peach tart crust?

esther gregg


someonewhobakes September 3, 2011
the only thing i would worry about is the texture -- i'm pretty sure substituting all almond flour would result in a crumbly dough. Almond flour doesn't absorb liquids as well as all-purpose does, so i would think the dough would be crumbly and hard to manage. i agree with the above two -- try substituting just some of the flour. unless you're going for a gluten-free thing, in which case i can't help.
amysarah September 3, 2011
I love Patricia Wells' tart recipes - her crust with ground almonds only uses 2 T ground almonds to 1.25 cups flour (also a little almond & vanilla extracts.) It has a great texture - like a big crisp almond cookie. Very easy too - no rolling, the pastry is just pressed into the pan.

I just located the recipe online - this is for her cherry tart, but I've used the same crust for other fruits, and even lemon (my favorite):

vvvanessa September 3, 2011
if you're talking about this recipe:

i would use not substitute more than about 1/2 cup of almond flour for the all-purpose if you want to achieve something closer to the texture of the original. there are recipes where you use 100% nut flour and oil (in roughly the same proportions as the above recipe), but the resulting crust will have a distinctly different texture.
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