Can you freeze lunchmeat?

My mom bought 2 lbs of imported ham - lunch meat. In the past I have made ham and cheese stromboli or chicken cordon bleu when she buys a lot. I wanted to know if I can make these in advance and freeze them even though it's lunch meat.

  • Posted by: Reen
  • September 3, 2011


Reen September 4, 2011
Thanks, I hate to see anything go to waste.
usuba D. September 4, 2011
Every time I visit mum in NH, she requests I buy large quantities of Applegate (her favourite) sliced deli meats for her, which she can not fine in her local stores. She freezes it a takes out a bit at a time for sandwiches. It seems to freeze just fine. . . fresh is better, but freezing works.
SKK September 3, 2011
When you say lunch meat, I am assuming you are saying processed ham. Yes you can freeze lunch meat. It doesn't taste as good frozen - maybe because there is so much water in lunch meat and it can be frozen.
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