Doubling candy recipe

I need to make a large batch of caramels and am wondering if I can just double the recipe I usually use. As long as I bring it to the right temperature it should be OK, right?



hardlikearmour September 6, 2011
You can definitely double a batch of caramels, however make sure you use a large enough pan! I make fairly large batches using my 6-quart stock pot. I echo everyone's advice about watching like a hawk.
drkate September 6, 2011
I routinely double the toffee recipe I make at Christmastime, and as long as I stand there, spoon in hand, all is well. However, if you are at all inclined to ADD or have a short attention span, or small kids in the house, I tend to agree with drbabs--the potential for disaster is high if you take your eye off the (soft)ball.
sweetlolo September 6, 2011
absolutely. i double batches of caramel all of the time for my little candy operation (actually just finished cooking up a double batch of earl grey tea caramels this morning). just be sure to use a very large pot - it will bubble up a lot more than you expect and can easily boil over the top which is a bear to clean up.
drbabs September 6, 2011
I haven't tried doubling caramels, but I have tried doubling pralines, and while it theoretically should work, it doesn't work well in my experience, and there's a lot more potential for disaster (ie, boiling sugar going all over the place). I'd play it safe and make it in two batches.
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