What was this wonderful savoury "pastry"/fried (?) doughy thing?

While in Naples, we ventured into a lunch place, frequented by jolly, fervent locals, all ordering their preferred snacks in loud voices. I pointed to a doughy, fried (?) "something", filled with cooked greens, luscious and sweet. The man behind the counter wrapped it in papeer and handed it to me. What could this fantastic thing have been?



thirdchild September 8, 2011
Inpat, you landed on something that seriously sounds like what I ate there in Naples. What I had was somewhat bigger than the beignet in the photo in your link. I suppose I'll have to try making them from this recipe, if I dare. Thanks!
inpatskitchen September 7, 2011
Now I'm really curious and did a little more searching...maybe they were bombolini?
David Kinch does what he calls a Garden Beignet here that could be similar

I just might have to try these...they sound so good!!
thirdchild September 6, 2011
Maybe panzerotti, but it did not have the characteristic half moon shape, and the dough was not really bread-like, but actually more like a doughnut, tho not sweet.
inpatskitchen September 6, 2011
Could it have been panzerotti - little fried pastry filled with all sorts of things, from meat to mushrooms to veggies?
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