Freezing rice paper fried spring rolls.

I'm making spring rolls with the translucent moistened 'rice paper' wrapping. They will be fried. But I'll have far too much filling to eat at one sitting. Any ideas of freezing this?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • February 19, 2015


Katie N. January 14, 2018
I have the same question
LeBec F. February 22, 2015
sam, rice paper wrappers are sooo particular. They just don't react well to anything other than eating them the day they are made.They get soggy and fall apart even when stored with just dampened paper towels. I don't know what your fillings are, but if they include crunchy raw julienned vegetables, i would not advise freezing that filling. The crunchy refreshing nature of rice paper rolls- is essential to the experience. And the rice vermicelli does not freeze well either. (Good thing those rice components are cheap! and can be composted!)
Melanie H. February 21, 2015
Wrap the filling tightly, or place in an airtight container and freeze. Then thaw and use to make fresh rolls for cooking. Also, if you don't defrost all the wonton wrappers, they can also be frozen and used next time. Just confirming - translucent rice paper wrappers are usually used for fresh rice paper rolls and not fried - for frying they should be wonton wrappers or similar...

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HalfPint February 19, 2015
Freeze the filling for a later time when you can roll them and cook for immediate consumption. I don't recommend frying then freezing. The texture is just not that great. And wrapping and then freezing is not good either. The wrapper tends to fall apart when thawed and you have messy rolls.
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