Dressing for salad containing figs?

I am going to take salad to a dinner for 12 tonight and was asked to make sure it includes figs. Note: I don't like figs. Don't like the knock- knock joke about figs

Knock Knock
Who's there!
Figs who?
Figs the doorbell, it's broken

The salad I am taking includes lettuce and arugula from the Farmer's Market, walnuts and manchego cheese, and the figs. What would make a great salad dressing?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • September 8, 2011


SKK September 9, 2011
@ChefJune - Now I will have to try oloroso sherry! I did use walnut oil, and also processed some walnuts for the dressing. Please share what you come up with!
ChefJune September 9, 2011
Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but so glad you had such great suggestions. I'd have been torn between sherry vinegar, "real" balsamic (the syrupy kind), and oloroso sherry. I also would have used walnut oil for part of the oil in the dressing. Sounds great. Maybe I'll copy you this weekend!
SKK September 9, 2011
Thank you all! The dressing was a success and I even kind of like figs now - even though I had to wear fig leaves in my hair. You saved me - I will be invited again.
boulangere September 8, 2011
Sounds lovely! Maybe crumble some Gorgonzola over the top?
AntoniaJames September 8, 2011
Oh, the Manchego and arugula are just begging for sherry vinegar on this one, though I agree balsamic is what's typically used with figs. I'm very old-school on this, so I'd mix 2/3 part sherry with one part really good red wine vinegar, with just a pinch of salt, a tiny pinch of sugar (raw cane, for its depth) unless the figs are extremely ripe, and a fruity olive oil. And freshly ground pepper on the salad once dressed. But you knew that. ;o) P.S. Very bad knock knock joke, but I'm glad you posted it, as it did make me chuckle.
Merrill S. September 8, 2011
I'm normally not a huge fan of balsamic, but with figs, it's a nice match. My standby for a salad like this one is balsamic (cut with a little rice vinegar if you want to mellow it out), a dash of maple syrup, olive oil, and maybe a bit of mustard.
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