Date, fig, walnut focaccia, Emiko Davies: is there a substitute for vin santo? Or, is there a brand you can suggest?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • December 12, 2019


Nancy December 12, 2019
There are at least three possible replacements for Vin Santo in making and serving with desserts:
Ice Wine (or Eiswine in Austria or Germany)
sweet versions of Sauternes or Riesling
They tend to be pricy, so pick one whose taste you like, both for the baking and drinking with the focaccia. After all - I'm guessing - this is for special meal, so worth the effort.
I have had good results cooking with and serving Austrian sweet Riesling. But there are many good other foreign and domestic brands.
Maybe figure your price range, and then get advice from a knowledge proprietor or clerk at your local wine store.
HalfPint December 12, 2019
@Nancy, I wonder if you could use a sweet Moscato, which is relatively inexpensive.
Nancy December 12, 2019
Thanks for reminding me of Moscato....yes, I think that could be used. The three I listed were ones I like and that came to mind for a special meal around now. Not a complete list or meant to exclude other choices.
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