I've never cooked, or even tasted kale. Can you give me an idea of what it tastes like? Spinach? Endive? Cabbage? Otherwise the recipe sounds deli...

...cious and might get me to experiment on my family.

Grandma Kathy


healthierkitchen September 14, 2011
I find the Red Russian kale, with the feathery leaves, to be a little milder and more pleasing to my family. It's funny to me that kale is described as sweeter than spinach, as my family seems to love spinach while kale has been a much harder sell. I serve it frequently, regardless, as it's really healthy, but they just don't like it as much as spinach. MIght be the stronger flavor and the more chewy bite. I love it though!
SMSF September 14, 2011
Agree with the other posters that is it a sweeter green than spinach. I like to chop up a big handful and add to vegetable soups toward the end of cooking. It can actually stand up to the heat and as leftovers, unlike spinach which will just go limp and slimy.

Your market may feature different kinds of kale - some almost black, some bright green, very curly or not. Pretty much all types will require removal of the stem up to and including where it joins the leafy part, as the stems can be tough. It's easy to do with a good sharp knife and you don't have to be really precise about it. Be careful not to overcook it, though. Experiment and enjoy!
Camille C. September 13, 2011
it takes longer to wilt than spinach, but has a more toothsome feel as a result. i like that it has more chew and less slimeyness than spinach and it has pretty much replaced cooked spinach in my recipes. kale is also just about the most nutrient dense veg out there.
wssmom September 8, 2011
Kale is related to spinach and all other greens, but is probably closest to collard greens in flavor. They are both sweeter than other greens. As far as introducing them to your family, apartmentcooker's recipe is an awesome choice!
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