HELP needed NOW with stuck chocolate mixture in beaters! :0

My egg yolks, sugar, and melted chocolate is so thick its stuck in the batter! trying to make a chocolate semifreddo and increased ingrediants to serve 8 instead of 6. supposed to be a very smooth and thick mixture before adding whipt cream and egg whites. But its so thick, its stuck. What can I add to thin it slightly so I can fold in the cream/whites? THANKYOU any of you smart bakers!



boulangere September 11, 2011
Can you hear the applause? Please, take a bow.
Eatdrinkpurr September 11, 2011
Well Food52 is my new ALL TIME FAVORITE FoodBlog for ever. I just love this site. You awesome ladies/chefs were right there for me, and with excellent advice and support. Thank you to SDEBRANGO, BOULANGERE, WSSMOM, AND AMANDA HERSELF! The presentation for these mini dark chocolate semifreddos included a chocolate cookie coating, toped with dark chocolate cacao bits and drizzle-garnished with tart strawberry-orange sauce. My guests RAVED, and then some. Said it was over the top. Wanted to take a picture, but they dug in too fast. :) I used a mini-tart cheesecake pan, and they were too cute. <3
wssmom September 10, 2011
What a remarkable exchange! Foodpickling at its best!
Amanda H. September 10, 2011
So glad it worked out! Hope your party is super fun.
sdebrango September 10, 2011
So glad it worked out, you persevered and look at the reward a delicious semifreddo. No idea why it happened but you were the cooking sleuth and solved the problem.
boulangere September 10, 2011
Well okay, you are the heroine of your own story! Sleep well and know that you did yourself and your fortunate guests proud. Rock on!
Eatdrinkpurr September 10, 2011
SO sweet boulangere....and dang, I SO DID add that sugar gradually and this still happened... and I just did that instinctively... not in the instructions. Just recalling things I've read. BUT GUESS WHAT? I just tasted my 'sample' from the freezer, after 5 hours. Its AWESOME. tee hee. I'm giddy about it. Luscious, smooth, and chocolaty. Yeay!! And frozen (partially) like a semifreddo should be. I'm jazzed. Thanks for being there for me you and Amanda!!! Now, I'm exhausted and must get some ZZZZ's. I hope my dinner party guests appreciate this frozen choco madness. :)

boulangere September 10, 2011
Are you ever brave! Seized chocolate sends me straight to the garbage can. Did you add the sugar to the EYs all at once, then whisk it in? If you add it in a slow but steady stream, whisking all the while, you'll tend to get a better result. Adding it all at once lets the sugar yank all the water it can get its hands on right from the start, and there's bound to be some discarded that the sugar realized it didn't need after all. That's probably what seized your chocolate. The final texture might not be perfect, but heck, you have a great story to tell of your perseverance and triumph!
Amanda H. September 9, 2011
Sounds like it might end up a little dense, a little grainy, but probably still tasty. Kudos to you for powering through and not letting a little seizing get you down!
Eatdrinkpurr September 9, 2011
Oh, and yes the chocolate seized! And yes, eggs were room temp. I did EVERYTHING according to the recipe. Why did this happen? Not enough eggs? When I altered the recipe to serve 8 instead of 6, it calculated 3 1/2 eggs. I just used 3.
Eatdrinkpurr September 9, 2011
Thank-you both! I had to do something as no one was responding and I got panicky. so I warmed it over a light simmering pot of water. Didn't stir though. It started to loosen. The I added a little of the egg whites and beat it for several minutes. Consistency improved still further. But at this point my egg whites fell and separated. ARRGGGHH! So I whisked them like crazy and "tried" to fold them in as called for by recipe. CURDLED! So all I could do was beat everything and it did smooth out, but grainy---do you think that will wreck the texture? I then folded in whipped cream and appearance was pretty decent. Put in mini molds and freezer Do you think it will become semifreddo? Or a very cold, wimpy mousse? THANKS AGAIN for your responses and support. Savory dishes are my specialty. Gee, can you tell?
Amanda H. September 9, 2011
To add to sdebrango's good idea, if you do this, you want to be sure you stir it as you heat it so the eggs don't cook.
sdebrango September 9, 2011
Maybe you can try to place the bowl over warm or simmering water for just a few minutes until it loosens. You don't want to add anything cold right now. If you heat just a bit it might loosen up. Sounds like the chocolate could have seized. Were your egg yolks room temp?
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