I have never particularly like kohlrabi, but I have a bunch from my CSA. Any suggestions of favorite things to do with them? Thanks!



fiveandspice October 21, 2010
Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely be trying them.
AntoniaJames October 21, 2010
I asked this question a few weeks ago:


I roasted it in medium dice in a quick oven with olive oil and salt, and it was amazing. ;o)
drbabs October 21, 2010
Roast it and treat it like roasted broccoli--put it over pasta, sauced in lemon and butter. There's a good recipe for crostini with roasted kohlrabi on the site.
foodfighter October 21, 2010
Well you can chop them up, and cover them with a inch of water add some sugar, salt and butter and simmer till tender. Most recently I made a puree from this recipe.


It changes quite a bit depending on how many of the leaves you add.
jane_grenier October 21, 2010
Go raw: batonettes or grated in salad, sliced thickish as chip alt for hummus etc, sliced thinner as fun crunchy surprise in sandwiches, diced in tuna salad.
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