I received a bag of very underripe hachiya persimmons -- some of them are even a little green. I know that hachiyas ripen over time, but will they still ripen if picked very underripe, as mine appear to have been picked?



gigiaxline October 23, 2010
Do you have a food dehydrator? If so, you can slice them and dehydrate them [yes, while they are unripe]. They make very yummy, sweet dried fruit.
Mr_Vittles October 21, 2010
Yes, they should still ripen over time. If you wish for them to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag and fold it a few times to seal it. Naturally, they will emit Ethylene gas, which will cause them to ripen at a rate faster than normal. As mentioned above, a banana in the bag will accelerate this process if time is of the essence. If you just want them to ripen as normal, I recommend keeping them on the counter away from direct sunlight.
AntoniaJames October 21, 2010
I posted this question a few weeks ago. The best advice I got was to put them in a bag with a banana. But when it got really hot last week, I took them out and put them on my deck in the blazing sun, and they ripened very nicely. Even then, it took about ten days to ripen them sufficiently. They need to feel really squishy before they are edible. ;o)
Merrill S. October 21, 2010
I'd try the old paper bag trick if you don't feel like waiting for days to see if they'll ripen more.
linzarella October 21, 2010
Yes, most of them still have a little bit of stem attached -- does that make a difference?
foodfighter October 21, 2010
Were they picked with some of the stem still attached? As long as they had some color, not all green, they should continue to ripen more in a dark cool place. Got this info from my asian fruit seller at a local farmers' market.
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