Calling DonnyG! AntoniaJames! KitchenKim! All my Food52 Pickleheroes! I'm in the middle of making's a photo of my dough after 1 turn and 1/2 hour in the fridge. Did I put in too much yeast? Or?? How do I even roll this darn thing now?

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gigiaxline October 22, 2010
I wish you could all come over and eat them with us. Thanks for the moral support and compliments. I love this forum!
TheWimpyVegetarian October 22, 2010
They look BEAUTIFUL! Great job - and great instincts. You've motivated me to make some croissants too! Nothing better than homemade croissants - definitely worth all the rolling and folding.
mrslarkin October 22, 2010
Wow!!!!!!!! I wish I could do that. I can almost smell them. :)
anyone October 22, 2010
No lipitor yet. The key for me to being a healthy "gourmandise" for twenty + years is balance of diet and exercise. I never let a wonderful food item or dish pass me by in the name of being healthy but I also balance that with low fat healthy meals when possible in addition to being active. My numbers are still good thank god.
innoabrd October 22, 2010
Yum! The flow in my arteries slows just looking at those! Aren't we all grateful for Lipitor?!
anyone October 22, 2010
looks geat! Congratulations.

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gigiaxline October 22, 2010
Thanks ChezSuzanne, Christina and no problem DonnyG...mrslarkin aptly named my dough the BEAST. All turned out well. The overnight rest in the coolest part of my fridge relaxed the dough and it rolled out just fine. Now my house smells like a giant stick of butter, and I learned to trust my intuition and not to put in two packets of yeast with only 4 cups of flour...Thanks everyone! Here's a photo of the final product. Drbabs, I encourage you to try making them - well worth the effort!
anyone October 22, 2010
Sorry I got here too late.... Good advide though..was looking for mrslarkin and AJ to see thier take.... Good luck!
TheWimpyVegetarian October 22, 2010
Holy Moly! I've made quite a few laminated breads like croissants and have not seen this - and yes it's likely too much yeast. In my croissant recipe, it calls for 4.5 cups of flour and 2 teaspoons of instant yeast (which equates to 1 tablespoon of active dry yeast). I don't have any packages of active dry right now, but am thinking each package is more than 1.5 teaspoons? Punching it down was the best thing to do at this point. An overproofed dough, like your picture, runs the risk of collapsing into itself. The only other thing I can think of that you can do is to do a "cold rise". After one set of your turns, for example, you could let it rise in the frig overnight. But don't do that more than once. An advantage of slowing it down is better flavor too. Good luck! I hope it works - I love croissants! Let us know how it all turns out!
gigiaxline October 21, 2010
Ok...I was able to complete my turns and the BEAST is in the fridge for the night. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Thanks for the tips and moral support!
Christina W. October 21, 2010
Definitely punch that dough back into line! No harm, no foul.
drbabs October 21, 2010
I bet those croissants are going to be really light and fluffy! Please let us know what happens! You are my hero--I've been wanting to try my hand at croissants.
mrslarkin October 21, 2010
Whoa...that thing is a BEAST! I would punch it into submission. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!
gigiaxline October 21, 2010
Thank you luvcookbooks - You are included in the "all" part of my heroes! I love this forum because of awesome people like you. I will carry recipe called for two packets of yeast, and 4 cups of listed here I should know better though, I've made plenty of pizza dough with just one packet and that much flour!
luvcookbooks October 21, 2010
smoosh it down until it's more of a disk and carry on as if nothing were happening.
maybe you put in too much yeast but there's no going back.
i'm filling in til one of your heroes is available.
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