I'm wondering if peeling these peppers is as easy as when you blacken them... Thanks! Suzie

  • Posted by: susymac
  • September 15, 2011


creamtea September 15, 2011
pierino, I also have the book; one of my favorites. So dog-eared I should get a new one. The pepper paste and also the green beans with garlic and cilantro are staples in our house. How nice to know you are friends with the author!
drbabs September 15, 2011
Kristen provided a link to the book on Amazon. here it is again: http://www.amazon.com/Food-Portugal-Jean-Anderson/dp/0688134157?tag=food52-20
pierino September 15, 2011
Among her various works Jean Anderson (a friend of a friend) has an excellent book for this type of cooking, "The Food of Portugal". I refer to it frequently. It might be hard to find now. But you could try Kitchen Arts and Letters or powells.com
Kristen M. September 15, 2011
I find it's even easier, amazingly enough. You know how with a blackened pepper, sometimes the skin is flaky and papery, and sticks everywhere? Here, as long as you roast it long enough, the skin comes off cleanly.
creamtea September 15, 2011
I have made this recipe many times. It is a little time consuming but no different. I have made it under time-and-laziness constraints without peeling and it was still delicious.
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