" It looks delicious and I would like to try it. Any suggestions on how I can use it to dress up chicken (either pan fried, braised or roasted?)....

...The recipe says to use it as marinade on chicken or pork: by itself, for how long, and what cooking technique would then be the most appropriate for chicken marinated in this sauce? Thank you!!



bistro_gal September 15, 2011
Thank you, I'll try it that way!
creamtea September 15, 2011
I would rub it on the raw chicken and let it marinate, refrigerated, an hour or more, then roast or grill. You could roast a whole chicken, or you could spatchcock it (cut down the backbone, remove it and flatten by pressing down on the breastbone) then grill, or you could bake chicken parts in the oven. I would let them brown uncovered if using the latter method.
ashleychasesdinner September 15, 2011
I would recommend baking or grilling. I bet it would taste fantastic.
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