I'm trying to bcome more proficient w baking. Can u share simple healthy recipes that u make for ur families? It's me, hubby and 13 yo boy. I can cook, just have hard time following exact baking instructions! Thx!


wssmom September 22, 2011
And don't forget the close relative of the muffin - quick breads!
Pastry N. September 22, 2011
This is true! Muffins are easy and fun to make with friends/family and are also quite easy to make with a health conscious diet in mind. Bran muffins and whole wheat flour based recipes are no harder to produce than a standard muffins and can be spiced up with many kinds of fruits, nuts, spices, juices... Muffins also take to being made with unsaturated fats lik oils and nut flours and/or low cal sugar substitutes like blue agave nectar. Check out Food52, tastspotting, foodgawker and even the website of Food network for lots of recipes then just have fun experimenting once you've got going a bit!
Also, who doesn't like cookies! :)

Hope this helps!
sdebrango September 22, 2011
When you say baking do you mean cakes, pies etc... Maybe muffins would be a good place to start if you want to start baking. We have many fantastic muffin recipes that are healthy and delicious. Go to recipes and put muffins in to search and you will get a ton of great recipes. Cookies are also easy to make.
Pastry N. September 22, 2011
There are lots of fun recipes that are great family dishes! I personally like simple pastas and meats like chicken and fish. What kinds of things were you thinking about?
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