I can't seem to find red miso paste ANYWHERE. I did however find Haechandle Soybean paste. Should I give it try? I really don't want to waste o...

...n a whole chicken.

thanks so much

  • Posted by: natcrow
  • September 22, 2011
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1 Comment

WuNotWoo September 22, 2011
Hey there Nat,

Thanks for the interest in the recipe! Although I've never used that particular brand of soybean paste, in my experience, Korean soybean pastes (like Haechandle) are usually a lot sweeter and a different texture than Japanese soybean pastes. Who knows though, haha, it may actually turn out better!

I'd say give it a shot anyway, I'd love to hear about the results. Otherwise, you could always get red miso paste through Amazon~
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