Would you recommend using an oven bag to make it even more juicy? Or would that lose the crispy skin? I'm new to oven bags...

  • Posted by: drea
  • June 21, 2014
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1 Comment

nutcakes June 21, 2014
I would try as is first. Since this is a finalist recipe, it means that it has been tested and found to be good as is. One thing you can do, I find makes chicken a bit more juicy, is start it on the breast side then turn half way. A bit awkward, I usually do this with a wooden spoon stuck in the cavity and a washable oven mitt. But don't bother turning if you don't mind about a bit less crispy breast. I don't really know about using oven bags I can't see the advantage for something this short cooking. Bagging it steam cooks it, then finishes by roasting when you open the bag, I guess. Maybe better to try with a turkey. Anyway, thanks for asking about it, sounds like such a good and simple one to try.
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