What is your go to potluck recipe? I know this may be too general of a question but I've been searching this site for ideas and I thought I would just ask...it's for my son's class (he's 4) and the parents so looking for crowd/kid pleasing. I am signed up to do the entree and now I realize I probably should have done dessert!
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  • Posted by: amonahan
  • September 22, 2011


amonahan September 23, 2011
Thank you so much everyone!
healthierkitchen September 23, 2011
For vegetarian and kid friendly, I'd probably consider a mac n cheese. While I might serve one in my house with cauliflower or butternut squash mixed in, sometimes a group of four year olds won't touch it if it has veggies in it. For something like this, it depends on your crowd. As long as there are lots of vegetable side dishes and salads available, I might leave the veg out of the casserole.

If you know you have adventurous kid eaters in your group, maybe a vegetable lasagne?
healthierkitchen September 23, 2011
You could coordinate with other parents bringing mains so that someone brings a vegetarian dish.

The all time most popular dish for kids and adults that I've made is this:

Do not, I repeat, do not, leave out the fish sauce! I have made dishes like this a million times but that touch of fish sauce really adds something.
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you can make some macaroni cupcakes with lots of veggies in it. they look pleasing to kids and healthy and kid;s favorite thing pasta or macaroni
boulangere September 22, 2011
Seriously, if the kids are happy, the parents are happy. So think about what makes your children happy and multiply up.
Sam1148 September 22, 2011
Spring roll (the rice paper kind) wrappers with veggies would be good. (the dipping sauces for that might be messy tho)
Is their coordination between the parents? So no overlap?
Homemade chicken or turkey nuggets would be kid friendly.
Mini Pizzas...just roll out your favorite pizza dough and use a biscuit cutter to make little pizza bites---you could do veggie option for those too.
boulangere September 22, 2011
Oh, I am so with AntoniaJames. Pasta, lots of cheese, meat or not so as to please vegetarians, and you'll be the belle of the so to speak ball.
AntoniaJames September 22, 2011
Kids really like baked ziti and similar baked pasta dishes. You could do one with meat (use Italian sausage and a really nice pecorino) and one without. Easy to make ahead, easy to transport and not too messy to eat. Sounds like fun!! ;o)
JessicaBakes September 22, 2011
If you're up for it, be the person who brings a vegetarian main as these are often forgotten. Quiches are excellent since they're often delicious when not freshly warmed. Hearty bean soups made in your slow cooker are also great because, if you have a cooker that's easy to carry, you can bring it & warm it in the vessel in which you cooked it!
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