Not so good grape jelly. What to do with it?

I bought some pricey "local" grape jelly and am very disappointed with it. It tastes like kindergarten grape jelly. I tried to pass it off to my toddler in her pb&j sandwiches but even she doesn’t like it. Any suggestions??



wssmom September 24, 2011
LOL healthierkitchen's link is hilarious (and delish!); the mustard and hot sauce add a little bit of a twist to a real Mad Men era recipe ...
healthierkitchen September 24, 2011
what about this one?
amysarah September 23, 2011
Melt it and use it to glaze a tart with purple fruit - like plums or blueberries.
ATG117 September 23, 2011
to the marinade suggestion, i also meant to suggest that you add an acid like vinegar.
Ophelia September 23, 2011
I made grape jelly a few years back that was a bit too grape candy tasting (grape candy turns out to taste like actual grapes with too much sugar, go figure). We ended up adding plums and extra lemon juice and turning it into a sort of syrupy jam that was great on gingerbread waffles.
ATG117 September 23, 2011
I'm assuming, based on your description, that it's too sweet. Perhaps you can use it as a marinade for chicken: heat it in a saucepan and, once it's cooked down, add some rosemary, salt, and a nice amount of fresh black pepper, maybe even a touch of finely minced garlic. I think the lemon juice is also a good suggestion. Perhaps you can add some cranberries and orange zest and make some type of chutney. Have you tried it over some tangy yogurt or swirled in a cheesecake? In peanut butter and jelly bars. Ina garten has a great recipe for these.
Soozll September 23, 2011
Melt it down and add some lemon juice and water to use as a syrup for pancakes.
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