Overcooked grape jelly

I tried to make a small batch of grape jelly but I must have heated it too long and brought the sugar temperature too high because it's now like grape caramel, chewy and toothachingly sweet. What do I do?

Matilda Luk


Nancy September 24, 2017
I had a similar problem a few months ago when I had trouble with a half batch of a lemon chutney recipe I've made too many times to count.
Mrs Wheelbarrow advised (quoting roughly from memory) it was the small volume that caused the caramelization...small batch doesn't take as long to cook and the sugar gets too hot too soon.
What to do?
She advised, for futures, not to make half batches.
For the current batch, eat it as a snack, or on ice cream or wherever it's palatable.
Matilda L. September 24, 2017
Thanks Nancy!
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