I made cooked wild grape jelly and realized the pectin--RealFruit Instant Pectin--is for non-cooked fruit. It's not setting--what do I do?

I added the cooked grape to Ball's RealFruit Instant Pectin and sugar in the recommended proportions and then put it in sterilized jars. The wild grapes are gorgeous and plump this year--I'd like to make this work! Thanks.

Judith D. Schwartz


L. W. September 30, 2015
Did it jell? Is it thick like jelly in the pan? If it is, put in your hot, sterile jars, apply lids and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes or you can store in the freezer. Make sure jelly is brought to a boil again before you place it in the jars for processing.

OR you can check the jell like this if the jam is still very, very hot:

Chill a plate till cold. Place a dab of jelly on the plate. If it jells and wrinkles when you push the dab to one side, it is good. If it does not jell you should be able re-process or serve as syrup.
Judith D. September 30, 2015
Thanks--I put the jars in the refrigerator and it seems to be jelling. Appreciate it!
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